Windows .NET software to Shutdown, Hibernate, Sleep, Restart, Log off or Lock the system on a Timer.

Generally there is a "time remaining" attribute for a long ongoing processes (such as a big download in progress, AOSP compilation, etc. ), or we have a rough estimate of time in which the process will be complete. It is almost always counter-productive to stick around the system to wait for a process to be completed, so you may shutdown/hibernate/sleep, etc. the system (save some electricity bill!?).

I needed something that would do this job for me on an estimate of time. So I developed this software.


  • Simple interface
  • It can be minimized to System Tray
  • Shows the "Time remaining" for Shutdown/Hibernate etc. to keep a track
  • Software automatically removes itself from the memory (exits) as soon as the job is done. Very low on memory resources.


How to Use?

  • Select the option according to your requirement (Shutdown, Hibernate, Sleep, Restart, Lock or Log off)
  • Set the Timer
  • Click "Accept"

System will automatically perform the job after the set time interval.

System Requirements

  • NET framework
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10


The software can be downloaded from HERE.



  • Under-the-hood code changes
  • Updated UI
  • Updated the code according to coding conventions
  • Updated ToolTipTexts
  • Updated font style
  • Fixed Copyright format
  • Other minor updates


  • Initial release on subversion system

© 2011, 2014 Shubhang Rathore