An open source app for android, to enable or disable multi-SIM functionality on multi-SIM supporting AOSP based ROMs. The app toggles the ROM from multi-SIM to single SIM functionality and vice versa.

During my development work on AOSP, I found myself switching from single SIM mode to multi-SIM mode and vice versa quite frequently. I had to type the following shell commands on a fairly regular basis:

  • Allow SuperUser execution at shell
  • To enable multi-SIM
setprop dsds
  • To disable multi-SIM
setprop none

So I made an app for that. It executes these commands at shell level without the need to open terminal manually and type in these commands.

NOTE: Use this app only if you are sure that your ROM supports multi-SIM. Even if your device is multi-SIM capable, but your ROM isn't, using this app might lead to unforeseeable results. Contact your device maintainer to add multi-SIM support.


  • Minimal and clean interface
  • Translucent decors for android 4.4+ (kitkat)
  • Android L style floating buttons (thanx to FAB library)


How to Use?

  • Take a nandroid backup
  • Install MultiSIM Toggle
  • Tap the floating SIM button
  • Grant SuperUser permission
  • Automatic reboot of the device if toggle is successful


  • Root
  • Android 4.0.3+
  • MultiSIM supporting AOSP based ROM


Bugs reports, suggestions and support can be found on XDA-developers thread for MultiSIM Toggle.

NOTE - This app is not supported anymore.


Check the 'Releases' section in my Github source.




  • Initial Release

Source Code

Source code of the app can be found at my Github repository.


The source code is licensed under GNU General Public License v3 (GPL v3)

© 2014 Shubhang Rathore