Minimalist Android App showing a Daydream screensaver with lots of customization to show a beautiful waving battery while the device is charging.

While the device is charging, it is hard to know the amount of battery charged by taking a quick look at the device. We have to take a close look at the status bar battery percentage to know if the device is still charging or if it can be removed from the charging point.

It is also not a good habit to leave your device to charge over long periods of time after the battery is fully charged. This leads to the device's battery life to reduce drastically over time. Ideally, as soon as the battery is charged over 90%, it should be removed from charging and put back to charge when about 20% battery is left.

Dreaming Battery makes it easy to take a quick glance at the device to get to know the amount of battery charged and whether we are good to remove the device from charging.


  • Minimalist interface of the Daydream battery view
  • Many customization options available
  • Time display can be enabled/disabled
  • Time format can be set between 12 or 24 hours format
  • Color of the Time can be customized
  • Battery percentage can be enabled/disabled
  • Color of Battery can be customized
  • Screen can be dimmed after the screen off timeout
  • Change the size of the battery meter


How to Use?

  • Click '+' button to open the floating menu
  • Click 'Daybream' (Cog/Settings) button to get into the device's screen saver settings (Daydream settings)
  • Turn on Daydream feature (some handset manufacturers change the name of this feature to simply 'Screen saver')
  • Choose 'Dreaming Battery' from the available screen savers
  • Click 'When to start screen saver' and choose from the options as per your preference

Note - If you lock the screen using the Power Key, Daydream doesn't get activated. Daydream activates when you allow the screen to turn off automatically. This is standard Android behavior.

OxygenOS Users - Go to Settings - Battery - Battery Optimization - Dreaming Battery. Select 'Don't Optimize' to get the correct calibration on the battery meter.


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  • New UI and app icon
  • Add option of AM/PM for time
  • Customizable battery percentage color
  • Customizable size of time and battery percentage
  • Option to reset the settings to the default values


  • Initial release

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