Open source .NET based software to bulk delete files based on their extension.

Delete multiple files permanently from a folder, all at once, based on their extension.


How to Use?

  • Copy "Expunger.exe" to the required folder.
  • Type any extension (or choose from the list of available extensions).
  • Click "Delete"

All files from the folder with the given extension will be deleted permanently.

System Requirements

  • .NET framework
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1


Check the 'Releases' section in my Github source.

Source code

Source code of the software can be found at my Github repository.



  • Updated the code according to coding conventions
  • Removed ToolTipTexts
  • Updated Font style
  • Code cleanup
  • Source cleanup - removed useless image resources
  • Fix copyright format
  • Other minor updates


  • Change name of the project from "File Deleter" to "Expunger"


  • Changed the functionality of the software. No need to provide a path to the folder. Put "Expunger.exe" inside the required folder and run the software. Increases usability and requires less time to set up.


  • Initial release of the software named "File Deleter"


The source code is licensed under GNU General Public License v3 (GPL v3)

© 2012, 2014 Shubhang Rathore